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When I feel like what I’m currently doing isn’t working out, I just stop doing it. Not because I’m a quitter, but because I don’t want anything that I do to not be perfect.
— Just a thought…

Current Obsession! Young Blood - The Naked And Famous

…It was a Thursday. But no, it was no ordinary Thursday. I could feel it. It was a silent evening, only me, my laptop accompanied by the dark of night, and the howl of wind adorned with the purr of owls… Then I saw it. It phased swiftly from the corner of my eyes… (lol, trying to go for a dramatic opening)

But no, seriously, today my friend Dinda tweeted me cool new music. I <3 cool new music! So I checked it out on Youtube, and there it was… MAGIC.

It’s very rare a time when you listen to the very intro of a song and you’re already in love. I guess you could call it love at first…no wait, cant find anything good that rhymes with “sight”. Oh well.

Whatevs. Point is, The Naked And Famous, this fresh out of the oven band from New Zealand is off the hook. Kinda reminds me of MGMT’s 'Time To Pretend', classic. LOVE the video, LOVE the music. I'm not even paying attention to their lyrics but my soul (which apparently exists) could feel so much emotion from their sound.

Am gonna dig up some more stuff on them soon, so be sure to stay tuned :)

"It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!"

Despicable Me. Yet another adorable cartoon animation movie of the Summer! Although in general it pretty much blends in inside the genre, this utterly cute story about 3 little orphan girls and an evil mastermind wannabe has bits and pieces to die for, and maybe even laugh with a snore :)

Verdict: 8/10

Tongue Got My Cat


No no wait, I think it’s supposed to be the other way around…

Whatevs. Point is, it’s been quite some time after my vacation but I haven’t posted any of the deets yet! Cause you see, I have this weird obsession of posting only really interesting stuff on my blog, and my travelogue hasn’t been measured up to perfection quite just yet.

So, if you’re a loyal reader, and I know you are, keep tuning in to IPDINATA for a wide-eyed view on life and my middle eastern adventures…

…Because life is a sitcom, and I’m an applauding audience :)

"No Country For Old Mean&#8221;
Back from my 2 week long vacation! Will post bits and pieces soon, so stay tuned :)
(pic taken at an unknown rest area in the middle of the desert)

"No Country For Old Mean

Back from my 2 week long vacation! Will post bits and pieces soon, so stay tuned :)

(pic taken at an unknown rest area in the middle of the desert)

Current Obsession!CSS - Move

CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) is a Brazilian new rave band from Sao Paulo. Just downloaded their album, and I’m lovin’ their audio, lovin’ their visuals!

Where the Holy Things Are

If God is a DJ…

…Then imma dance at His club!

So here’s the story, the day after the day after tomorrow, which is THIS Wednesday, I’m leaving for Mecca & Madinah to embark on my first Umrah! Yay! *the crowd goes wild*


For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Islamic traditions, Umrah is …wait… Okay so I’m not totally sure what it is, but it’s like a mini-pilgrimage to Islam’s holy land. It’s a big deal for us Muslims if we can actually do this, cause not all of us can. And I guess that about sums it up. Right.

I know, I know, how can I not be sure about this stuff? But what’s life without learning why the sky’s blue, right? ;)

But don’t get excited just yet, this isn’t the funnest part! (and not like “funnest” is even a word, but heck) ..Because right after Umroh, me and my family are going on vacation to …wait for it… Dubai and Istanbul! Yay! *cue dancing banana* 


This is super stupendous news for me cause FYI the city of Istanbul was the architectural inspiration for Naboo, which is the fictive capital planet of the universe in the Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars I said! …Star Wars! And like, Dubai is just plain awesome, home of the hotel-that-looks-like-a-boat, so no need for an intro there.


So to end this post with nothing but pure excitement and happiness, I have nothing else to present to you with, if not only one… but TWO dancing bananas!  


…Life’s a bitch. But don’t you just love it when it’s not? :D

Back When “Boy Toy” was just “Toy”

Most of my readers are probably my age, all grown up and heading to college, but have you ever felt a sudden yearning to take a look back and open up your old toy box tucked somewhere in your attic? You know, just to take out each toy one by one to cherish and remember all the joyful memories you shared when you were but a wee little young chap, nowhere near 17 or 18? You may or may not end up playing with them, but have you ever just wanted a small reunion with your old stuffed animal, your favorite action figure, or for girls maybe your malibu barbies, just for old time’s sake?

I have :)

Have you ever felt your eyes get a tad bit watery with just the thought of how your toys have been your best friends back when you still had none?

I have :’)

Have you ever felt all the above non-stop throughout a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes?

I have… Just now :D

Today I’ve FINALLY (yes, all capital letters) watched one of THE (again with the capitals) most highly anticipated movie of the Summer. Toy Story 3! *cue fireworks*


The movie did not disappoint to the slightest bit, instead it did the exact opposite. Toy Story 3 was simply a joyous and wondrous feast for the hungry eyes. And to many, including me, would also be a warm bowl of chicken soup for your heart and soul (and the expensive soups in fancy restaurants, not the ones in cheap cans). This is major news coming from a guy who despises anything cliche, cheesy and mushy mushy. From the beginning till the very end, this Disney and Pixar love child managed to melt the coldest of hearts with endless laughs and touching aww-moments, complete with spectacular animations, and colors, and music, OH MY!


The movie is engineered with a very down to Earth and relatable story-line, yet it still packed just the right amount of fantasy and adventure. Andy is all grown up and going to college and the plot sets the last of his toys, led by Woody, in a soul-searching adventure to discover the true meaning of being a toy, when a "child’s best friend" just doesn’t work the same way anymore when the child is a child no longer.


If I may take to comparison another summer blockbuster, when in Sex and the City 2 the question is "what happens to women after marriage" in Toy Story 3 would be "what happens to toys after childhood"

I’m definitely not a fan of spoilers, so I will restrain myself from ruining your own experience for those who haven’t watched, but be sure to do so.


To rewrite what I’ve already posted on my Twitter, It’s almost like Toy Story 3 was dedicated to the class of 2010 who are all going to college this year.” Because I myself am about to embark on college life, so as you would imagine, this movie hit me at the right spot at the right time. And without a single drop of humility, I dare say that the impact is this staggering to the point where I actually did open up my old toy box and had a little reunion of my own with all my old BFFs. (I will most likely regret writing this, but here’s to spurs of the moment!)

To those still in doubt of whether or not Toy Story 3 is worth your time, or for those who think this is just another DVD-worthy kid flick, cliche like all the rest (cough cough Karate Kid), then you most definitely deserve a knock on the head. Go pick up your all grown up butts, and drag them to watch this movie. Totally recommended.

Verdict: 10/10

…and p.s. this is only the second time I’ve ever rated a movie with a perfect 10 out of 10. The first was to Amadeus. But that’s like an old 1984 classic movie about Mozart and is nothing like Toy Story 3, so, yeah…